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Kid's Zone - Big Church Day Out, Stanford Hall

Saturday 29 May

As we drove up to the site early in the morning, seeing everything being set up for the day, it was not the glorious sunshine we'd hoped for....
Posted at 21:20pm on 29th May 2010
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Brand new BIG Blog!

Hello wonderful people!

We've had a BIG Blog on our website for an age but for Blogs from 2010 we thought it might make it all a bit more fun if...
Posted at 12:15pm on 20th May 2010
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BIG Party – St. Peter’s Baptist, Worcester

Monday 17 May 2010

Once again we were very happy to be invited back to St Peter’s to do a BIG Party. Having been there back in November to do a...
Posted at 11:07am on 17th May 2010
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BIG Party & Training – Salford

Saturday 15 May 2010

Travelling up to Salford at a reasonable time on a Saturday morning would have been nice. Maybe leaving at 9am or even 8am would have been fine......
Posted at 11:03am on 15th May 2010
Tags: BIG Events
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