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All-age Service, Barnt Green Baptist Church

Sunday 29 August 2010

For the 5th time, or is it the 6th... actually it might be the 7th time... who knows? Anyway, however many times it was, we were once...
Posted at 12:30pm on 29th August 2010
Tags: BIG Events

BIG Party - All Saint's, Marcham

Thursday 26 August 2010

This event was actually a BIG Party that coincided with the end of a four day holiday club at All Saint's Church in Marcham. They’d had loads...
Posted at 12:09pm on 26th August 2010
Tags: BIG Events

BIG Bash 2010 - Hoylake & Meols

Monday to Friday 16-20 August

It was a pleasure to be invited back up to Hoylake, for a third year to help run their holiday club. We had been told before...
Posted at 12:01pm on 20th August 2010
Tags: BIG Events
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