A day in the life of the BIG Ministries Assistant...

by BiG Ministries
Posted at 11:29am on 14th July 2015

What might a day in the life of the BIG Ministries Assistant look like?
I'm not sure there's such a thing as a typical day... but here's a couple of things that might help you visualise it!


An office day

Sitting in the hub of activity that is the YFC HQ in Halesowen - doing things like: writing resources; responding to enquiries on email; updating the website; posting on facebook; meeting for prayer; posting out online orders; planning and putting programmes together for events; contacting team for events; organising transport and accommodation for our wonderful team; helping stuff envelopes; tweeting; having food with people; chatting with me (Jo); dreaming and planning; debriefing after events...and so much more!


An event day

This could be - introducing children to Jesus; being dramatic in presenting bible stories or dramas; training leaders on aspects of children's ministry; working with the team to pull together an event; teaching a group of children what it means to live for Jesus; training people on All-In Worship; running a stand talking to people about BIG Ministries; leading services in churches or at conferences; playing loads of really fun games; leading assemblies or workshops in schools; singing loads of super songs; having loads of fun with great people.


The un-glamorous side of the events

I’m not gonna lie, there’s a lot of this… this involves driving, lifting equipment and putting it in a van (there is always the challenge of fitting it in which is a bit like Tetris and quite fun!)… driving… lifting equipment out of the van and setting it up… running an event…setting down, lifting equipment and putting it in a van… driving… lifting equipment out of the van and putting it away… driving… and then curry. Oh yes.


Other stuff

There’s so much potential for all sorts of exciting things depending on the person who gets the job, there are so many things we could do! BIG Ministries has always been about helping people to find their strengths and helping them grow and we would definitely hope to continue this with our new employee!


If you are interested in working with me as a key part of BIG Ministries - then get in touch! 

The deadline for applications for this job is the 30 October.