Spring Harvest - Week 1 (Skegness)

Posted at 11:12am on 9th April 2011
9-14 April 2011

BIG Ministries at Spring Harvest 2011So this year BIG Ministries made their all-age debut at Spring Harvest - Week 1 (Skegness). Has anyone ever been to Skegness? It’s lovely.

On arrival at Spring Harvest in the glorious sunshine, we made our way to our rooms. Let me tell you a very short story about my bedroom... So, I had the choice of either a room with two single beds and no kettle, or a room with a double bed and a kettle. I obviously went with the double bed and kettle option... MISTAKE! I was woken up later that day by someone telling me I was in their bed. I felt like Goldilocks. Although Goldilocks knew that none of the beds were really hers. I was mislead by the fact that my key lead me to that room, thus not being entirely like Goldilocks. Anyway, this exciting story ends with me moving into a single bed with no kettle. Although I did in fact take the kettle. Also, under the floor of my chosen bed was some kind of main water pipe for the whole of Skegness which violently shook my bed every night. Either that or a very small and hilarious person was hid there for way too long. I didn’t check.

And continuing with the rest of the week...

Jo and Steve had the super-duper job of helping lead the all-age songs and memory verses in ‘The Big Start’ (this was the first meeting that happened everyday before anything else began - mostly everyone was there) and so they had to be up way before everyone else. Although there was those 'keenos' that think there’s something mightily special about getting up at 6:30am. Seriously, if you don’t have to get up that early, why would you? It’s beyond me. Jo and Steve did a brilliant job of gently waking everyone up in the morning with sign language and dances and boogieing and high fives and BOOOOMS! For those of you who don’t know what a BOOOOM is, just forget that the word BOOOOM was even mentioned... BOOOOOOOM!

After 'The Big Start' we all pretty much did whatever we wanted until about 2pm. Cue: drinking coffee and reading daily papers whilst avoiding such treats as - the sunshine, the beach, the splash-land-pool-water-world-place, the Bob the Builder cars, and all free seminars. It all just seemed like so much effort while we were there but I can now see in hindsight that it’s just like they say... an hour that’s just happened is an hour gone... (and by ‘they’ I mean myself and Steve the Squires)

We also led a BIG Party one afternoon and Steve, Damo and Pete did some acoustic versions of songs from the album in the Skyline (the exhibition area).

And so, on to what we all actually did at Spring Harvest. Every evening we lead two, one hour long, all-age services, both exactly the same, but each for a different group of people I might add (that was an awkward sentence). Our theme for the week, kindly donated by Spring Harvest, was, the Bible, which incorporated so very much. The stories that we took our main points from were as follows:

1. The Boy Jesus in the Temple (which also featured Santa Claus... I think we made it clear that he wasn’t actually in the story.)

2. Creation (which involved lots of water being thrown about by Pete, whenever the word ‘sea’ was mentioned. You weren’t supposed to chuck it on the monitors and microphones though Pete.)

3. Moses and the Escape from Egypt (Dan played an exceptionally moody Pharaoh/stroppy teenager)

4. John the Baptist and the Birth of Jesus (Actual locusts featured in this story. Not as tasty as I’d hoped. Truth be told, they were large crickets as the locusts were too expensive and didn’t come in Thai green curry flavour.)

5. Jesus Appears to His Disciples (I think it was a good idea to not have myself and Dan dress up as the women who found the tomb empty as I’d originally planned. Maybe a little too inappropriate.)

6. Luke 11:5-13 Ask, Seek, Knock (This featured two characters named Ted and Fred. Ted who wanted some bread and Fred who wouldn’t get out of bed to give Ted... bread. Read the passage and this gibberish may make more sense to you. In the end, Fred fed Ted bread and went back to bed.)

In conclusion... the services were a lot of fun and had a really relaxed family feel to them. I think this was helped by many people sitting on the floor with their children and getting involved as much as they could. It also helped that the BIG Ministries team didn’t take themselves too seriously, which possibly enabled other people to chill out a bit... I don’t know? Just a suggestion. I’ll save that one for de-brief next time. Hmmm, what else? We had a lot of positive feedback; we felt privileged to be part of the week; we sold out of inflatable guitars; we had some very noisy children; we had some not so noisy children; the guys that did sound and lighting for us were lovely; Sarah Joy makes an awesome cardboard bicycle in under 5 minutes; cooked breakfasts that include chips are 'quala'! Matilda celebrated her 1st birthday and Kate also celebrated... a birthday. That is all for now.

So, I left the comfort of my ‘two single beds, no kettle’ room and then ate sweets all the way home, eventually leading to the inevitable curry. Thank you The Himalaya, 1716 Bristol Road South, Longbridge, Birmingham... you set my taste buds on fire and make me sweat.

Yes, this was a long blog, but as we haven’t had a new blog since November I thought you could do with a feature length blog.

Until next time... goodbye.

Blog written by: Baz

Comedy Moment: Darren and Winston acting out getting blown up in the computer game Call of Duty (which we in no way recommend... although if you are over the age of 18 it is a fantastic way to waste time). Basically Darren and Winston didn’t stick to the puppet scripts all week, which resulted in some hilarious ad-libbing... I’m sure they’ll have their own tv show soon.

Exciting Moments: Communion time with everyone sitting in groups and chatting about what this time meant... or whatever else they wanted to chat about. Talking and eating is good. And also (From Jo) leading C’mon Everybody from stage in the Big Top for 1000’s of people.

Team: Jo, Steve, Matilda, Damian, Kate, Lou, Baz, Dan, Sarah, Pete