Children's Work Training

Faith development

Based on studies by James Fowler (Stages of Faith), we will look at the different ways that our faith develops from birth, and how we as churches and children's workers can help faith develop.

Engaging every child

A brief overview of all the ages from 0-11, thinking about children's physical abilities/ spiritual awareness and also just what they are like! Also looking at bit at the world that our children are growing up in, and how we can engage the children we work with in a relevant way.

Boys & girls - are they really that different?

In this session we think about some of the inner workings of the male and female brain, and look at what boys and girls are really like. We think about what we currently do in our churches to minister to children, and how we might improve, to minister more effectively to both sexes.

Engaging children with the Bible

This session looks at how we can effectively communicate the bible with children as well as how we might get them excited about the amazing message that the bible has to offer. This session includes tips on how we tell stories from the Bible, how we can discuss the Bible with children and ways in which we can make ourselves more effective communicators.

Dealing with challenging behaviour

Kids love and need to test boundaries. They need to find out what is acceptable and what isn’t and learn to make their own choices so that they can grow into responsible adults. This doesn’t necessarily make working with children the most enviable of roles. So, as the adults they look up to and respond to, how can we effectively help the children we work with to mature and learn through their challenging, sometimes hilariously out of place, behaviour.

Using puppets

When used correctly, puppets can be an extremely useful tool for teaching, communicating and especially for making people laugh! This workshop will provide a good foundation for those starting out in puppetry, as well as those that would like to improve on their skills.

Why children fidget and why we should let them?

During this session we explore some aspects of children's development and the way they make sense of the world around them helping us to understand more about their need for movement. We also look at the ways we can provide for them during sessions. There's lots of time for discussion and to ask questions!

Choosing and using songs well with children

Singing to worship God with groups of children is a fantastic thing, but sometimes it just doesn't seem to work! In this session we look at how we can make sure we're choosing good songs for the children we work with, ones that they will engage with well, as well as looking at the questions: What's the best way to lead songs? Do I need to be a musician? How can I lead songs with a small group? What about a big age range? It's an interactive (and potentially quite active!) workshop where we will have a go at a lot of songs too!