Bible Stories

We love the Bible at BIG Ministries, and that's why we've spent so much time telling the fantastic stories it contains. We'd love to help you tell them too, so here's our Bible Stories for you to use.

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10 Big Bible Stories: Volume 3

Yet more Bible stories given the BIG treatment, each in 3 versions for any occasion.

10 Big Bible Stories: Volume 2

A second set of 10 great Bible stories, in 3 formats each to suit any setting.

10 Big Bible Stories: Volume 1

We chose 10 stories that we think are great, and put each one of those 10 stories into 3 formats - easily adaptable to your situation.

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Joshua - 5 Part Story

This is an alternative to the Joshua story that features in 10 BIG Bible Stories: Vol 3. It features four parts and a bonus fifth part, which is an overview of the entire story in the form of a "What a happened next?" story, along with dramatisation. The stories are a lot of fun and have some rather silly, humorous jokes thrown in that you'll either laugh at... or cry at.

Ezekiel - The Valley of Dry Bones

Taken from Ezekiel 37, this story looks at a peculiar vision that God gave to Ezekiel; a prophecy that would give hope to His people.

Nehemiah - 5 Part Story

An alternative to the Nehemiah story that features in 10 BIG Bible Stories: Vol 2. It features five parts looking at the story of Nehemiah from his time as cupbearer to the King of a Persia, up until the celebration of the completion of Jerusalem's walls.

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Who Will Throw the First Stone?

Jesus saves a woman (who had been caught doing something very wrong) from being stoned to death.

The Rich Fool

The rich fool spends so much time focusing on storing up riches here on earth, but eventually, when he dies, they mean nothing.

John the Baptist

The bible describes John the Baptist as quite a strange man, but he was the one who would announce the coming of Jesus to the people, preparing them to meet Him.

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Joshua - a trilogy (and 2 more stories!)

God asks the Israelites to trust him and do something a bit odd. But when they do, He reveals His power in amazing ways.


If God has a mission for us then He really wants us to do it, but He doesn’t just leave us on our own.

Jacob and Esau

Was it part of God's plan for the deceit to take place or did He make the best of a bad situation? Hmmm... there's one for you to mull over next time you have a stew.

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The Woman Healed on the Sabbath

Jesus challenges us to make sure we remember that people are way more important than rules and traditions.

The Kingdom of Heaven Parables - a trilogy (and 2 more stories!)

Three of Jesus' great illustrations of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Philip and the Ethiopian Official

The story of Philip and the Ethiopian Official shows how awesome God is in lots of different ways...