10 Big Bible Stories: Volume 3

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The Bible—WOW! What an exciting book God has given us!

It’s bursting with great stories; miracles; poems; songs; exciting battles; murders; healings; advice; and lots of crazy men and women doing crazy things for God! God’s power is displayed, His love shown and His character revealed throughout it all… amazing!

The aim of the 10 BIG Bible stories books is to help resource churches to share the excitement of the Bible in a fun, interactive and accurate way for all ages. Inside this book you will find three versions of each story that are easily adaptable for whatever story telling situation you find yourself in. So whether you’re telling a story to a few people or hundreds of people; on your own or as a group, there is something in here for you to use. We hope you have a whole heap of fun using this exciting resource.

There are 3 versions of each story, so you should find something that will fit your situation with all-ages or a group of children…

BIG One for lots of people and lots of props.
Solo One for individuals to tell the story.
Small One to use with smaller groups of children.


  • Abraham
  • Jacob & Esau
  • Joshua
  • Jonah
  • Esther
  • Woman Healed on the Sabbath
  • Kingdom of Heaven Parables
  • Jesus Clears the Temple
  • Nicodemus
  • Philip & the Ethiopian