Jacob and Esau

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So, this story is a bit odd, Jacob and his mum trick Esau and Isaac into giving Jacob things that weren’t, by right, his to have… and yet this bed of lies and deceit transpires into two genuine blessings. Because Jacob stole Esau’s birthrights, he got all of the family inheritance that was due to the firstborn—Blessing #1.

He also became key in the growth of the Israelites, becoming part of the line that would eventually lead to Jesus (this was by rights Esau’s prerogative because he was supposed to have the blessing from Isaac)—Blessing #2!

This is an interesting one, that requires further thinking. Was it part of God’s plan for the deceit to take place or did He make the best of a bad situation? Hmmm… there’s one for you to mull over next time you have a stew.