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You can’t hide!

God had a very specific and significant mission for Jonah: to save a whole city of people from destruction. Most people would be amazed (if a little scared) and honoured to have such a mission. However, Jonah was not impressed and decided he was going to run away from God. Yes, that’s right… run away from God… the God who made the universe, who sees everything, knows everything and is all-powerful. Good one, Jonah! (Note the hint of sarcasm here.)

But God was still gracious to Jonah even though he’d blatantly disobeyed him in a rather ridiculous manner. He saved him from drowning—even if it wasn’t in the most conventional way—and protected Jonah until he decided he should probably go and do what God had asked him to do in the first place.

I think it’s a great lesson. God is watching. He knows what’s going on and knows everything we do. If He has a mission for us then He really wants us to do it, but He doesn’t just leave us on our own. He’s there to help and protect us as we carry out the task.