Nehemiah - 5 Part Story

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This is an alternative to the Nehemiah story that features in 10 BIG Bible Stories: Vol 2. It features five parts looking at the story of Nehemiah from his time as cupbearer to the King of a Persia, up until the celebration of the completion of Jerusalem’s walls. The stories are a lot of fun and have some rather silly, humorous jokes thrown in that you’ll either laugh at... or cry at.

So, Nehemiah heard about his home city being destroyed, and thought he’d go and help rebuild it... or in fact initiate the rebuilding process. He then managed to get people to help, but had to put up with constant verbal battering from a couple of not very nice people – Sanballat and Tobiah.

It’s amazing how Nehemiah is so resilient. Battling against all their abuse, he still continues to encourage the builders and tell them they’re doing a great job. He believes in his cause, he’s doing something worthwhile for God, and he’s consistent in his attitude.

A challenge to us I think... when we face situations for God, are we willing to stay positive and true to our cause no matter what? AND when we face them with others, what are we quicker to do: moan or constantly encourage in the face of adversity?