Philip and the Ethiopian Official

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Miracles upon miracles

The Book of Acts is full of crazy stories and this one is no exception. When we tell a story like this it’s easy to simply mention the details as if they were everyday occurrences, when actually they are ‘mind-blowingly’ amazing... Imagine keeping up with a speeding horse-drawn chariot! The story of Philip and the Ethiopian Official shows how awesome God is in lots of different ways...

1. There is a angel visitation.
2. God gives Philip super-human speed.
3. The important official wants to speak to him.
4. He is able to explain the Scriptures.
5. There happens to be a stream nearby in which the official can be baptised.
6. At the end Philip disappears... whisked away to His next task by the Holy Spirit! Crazy stuff.

I wonder what God will do with us if we’re as willing as Philip?!