Puppets - NEHEMIAH Part 1a/1b

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Puppet script Part 1a is to be used as an introduction to the characters, Jack and Jill. Jack has been singing the song, ‘He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands’, and with his literal thinking, is finding it difficult to understand why he can’t see God’s hands. Jill comes to the rescue and explains a little about metaphors and that the song is helping us to realise that God is in control of everything and knows about everyone in the world. 

In Part 1b Jack gets the wrong idea about what it means to ask God for good things - he thinks that he should get whatever he asks for if he thinks it’s good, just like Nehemiah asked God to help him and He did. (This point should have already been made in the service prior to this script.) Asking God for good things doesn’t always mean that you get whatever you want in the way that you expect it. God knows what you need and answers and responds in ways that we don’t always understand or expect. He still wants us to ask Him for those good things though, and sometimes wants us to be the answer to our prayers, as Jack discovers.