The Kingdom of Heaven Parables - a trilogy (and 2 more stories!)

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It’s like what?

I would have loved to have sat and listened to Jesus’ teaching in the flesh. The creative ways He found to communicate are a real challenge to those of us involved in communication today. Many of His stories and teachings were set in everyday situations which His listeners would have known really well. He rarely explained His stories, instead He’d leave the ‘meaning’ to be figured out. You can just imagine people leaving after they’d heard Him speak—the conversations must have been all over the place as they tried to figure out what He was talking about! Let’s learn from Jesus and help people we ‘teach’ to be able to figure things out for themselves, and let’s keep striving to be creative in our communication.

Perhaps when reading these stories you could get people to try and think about what Jesus was trying to say before you share what you think they’re about?