Working together as God's church

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Tim has built a house, which he carries onto stage and proudly shows off to everyone. Tim is very pleased with himself that he did it all by himself and did it his way. In fact he’s so pleased, that he bursts into song every 20 seconds and sings a snippet of ‘I Did It My Way’ by Frank Sinatra. Unfortunately, the house isn’t very well built - as Tim doesn’t have all of the necessary skills to build an entire house. As Ben points this out, he also notices a group of people sat on the side of stage who are looking a little left out. They happen to be people who are very good at building houses but who Tim neglected to ask, due to the fact that he wanted to gloat about building the house all on his own. The end result is that his house isn’t very good; it would’ve been a lot better if he’d worked with other people, allowing everyone to feel as though they were part of something exciting. The analogy is that the church is not just one person. God wants us to work together, as we all have different gifts and skills to use. One part of the church does not work without the other. See 1 Corinthians 12:12-31.