BIG Ministries have had years of experience in delivering a variety of high quality training seminars and workshops based around working with children and leading All-In Worship.

Because BIG Ministries have an extensive team, each with a particular expertise in various fields of children’s work, we are able to offer a wide range of workshops and training. If you can’t find what you’re after in our lists of available training, please get in touch by clicking here and we can do our best to help you out and provide you with what you need.

All-In Worship - a new way of thinking about all-age worship.

We can offer anything from 1 hour to a full day on All-In Worship, and training can include

  • What is All-In?

  • What are the elements of an All-In service?

  • Engaging all-ages with the Bible

  • Using multimedia in church

  • Choosing and using songs well in All-In

  • Putting a service plan together

  • Puppetry


Children's Ministry training

We can offer anything from 1 hour to a full day on Children's ministry, and training can include

  • The foundations for great children's ministry

  • Engaging every child

  • Boys and girls - are they really that different?

  • Engaging children with the bible

  • Dealing with challenging behaviour

  • Why children fidget...and why we should let them!

  • Choosing and using songs well with children


Costs: Costs range between £50 and £400 depending on the size of group/ length of session - do get in touch for more details!